February 23, 2016

“Dishonest” Is The Word Most Associated With Hillary Clinton

Today, Gallup released a top-of-mind impression poll that showed “dishonest” was the first word that came to the mind, for more than one in five Americans when describing Hillary Clinton.

According to the poll:

“These top-of-mind impressions clearly show that negative perceptions about Clinton’s character and trustworthiness continue to dog her.

In addition to the 21% of responses in the “DISHONEST/DON’T TRUST HER” category, another 7% of Americans use even stronger words in a similar negative vein, including “CRIMINAL,” “CROOKED” and “THIEF.” Nine percent say they DISLIKE HER. Smaller percentages (shown at the end of this article) associate her with Bill Clinton, with the controversy surrounding her use of a private email server while secretary of state and with the Benghazi terrorist attack.”

Being labeled as dishonest isn’t a new phenomenon for Clinton. In 2008 it was also the top word associated with her, while more recently Gallup, released a word cloud that showed negative connotations were more associated with Clinton.

Even more troubling for the Clinton’s campaign is that, “Overall, 29% of Americans offer a positive observation about Clinton while 51% express something negative.”

It would seem Clinton’s 40-year scandal-plagued career has greatly impacted how Americans view her.