November 13, 2015

DNC Chairwoman Is Unable To Defend Hillary Clinton’s Marine Story

This afternoon, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz appeared on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports to discuss Hillary Clinton’s recent claims about attempting to join the Marines in 1975.

When Andrea Mitchell asked Wasserman Schultz why someone who had worked for both George McGovern, Gene McCarthy and actively opposed the Vietnam War, “why on earth would she go to a Marine recruiter in 1975?” As Mitchell points out, Clinton was already a lawyer professor in Fayetteville, Arkansas and was either married or engaged to be married to Bill Clinton at the time. “It doesn’t make sense,” Mitchell added.

Wasserman Schultz attempted to dismiss the issue immediately by asking, “Why on earth are we talking about this?”

Mitchell quickly retorted, “Because she brought it up in New Hampshire the other day. If she hadn’t brought it up, it wouldn’t be an issue.”

Wasserman Schultz spent the next three minutes on the defensive, never answering Mitchell’s legitimate questions, but rather attempting to play defense for Clinton.

Finally, showing signs of giving up, Wasserman Schultz offered: “There are things that happen to people all across America that can’t be verified.