October 27, 2015

Do You Know How Many Days It’s Been Since Clinton Pledged To Go Carbon Neutral?

In July, Hillary Clinton delivered a speech in Iowa that detailed her green energy plan with a heavy focus on getting America off of our dependence on fossil fuels.

She then promptly boarded a private jet and flew back to New York, burning hundreds of gallons of fuel per hour on her way, instead of flying commercial. As Clinton boarded that private jet, America Rising trackers caught the moment on video, which resulted in Clinton’s campaign pledging to go “carbon neutral.”

CNN revealed yesterday that three months later, Clinton’s campaign still hasn’t gone carbon neutral. That’s no surprise though – Clinton will say or do anything to win an election, and it’s unlikely her campaign thought they would be called out for not fulfilling this pledge.

Do you know how many days it’s been since Clinton’s pledge to go carbon neutral? Click here to find out.