August 16, 2016

Docs Show Randy Perkins Was Planning To Go Negative For Months

The race is on to replace Privileged Patrick Murphy in Florida’s 18th District, and it seems that Democrat Randy Perkins has decided to follow Murphy’s lead and say or do anything to get elected.

As the TC Palm reported:

Democrat Randy Perkins said he had to break his vow not to go negative in the U.S. House District 18 race.

Perkins told voters at an event last month, “You’re not going to see anything negative coming out of our campaign.” Yet he released a TV ad slamming main opponent Jonathan Chane’s work as a lawyer.

Given this sudden turnaround, The Palm was expecting a good defense- but Perkins came up short:

Perkins said he changed his mind because Chane attacked “my four daughters and wife.” Chane hasn’t attacked Perkins’ family personally, and Perkins’ campaign would not specify what he meant.

The kicker? Undercutting Perkins’ hastily-concieved spin, the facts show that he has been planning to go on the attack for months.

FEC reports show that Perkins campaign paid a notorious Mississippi-based ‘oppo’ firm at least $46,000 over the past 8 months for “Research Services.” A big chunk of this research made its way into a leaked opposition research report. Printed on the company’s stationery and dated December 8, 2015, the report outlined the exact attacks on his opponent’s record that were featured in Perkins’ new ads (1, 2).

Florida voters can only wonder whether there are any other important campaign promises on which Perkins plans to renege.