December 18, 2015

Does Catherine Cortez Masto #FeelTheBern?

Insurgent Democratic presidential candidate and proud socialist Bernie Sanders scored an endorsement from a prominent liberal group, Democracy for America, yesterday. Politico reported:

Democracy For America, the one million-member liberal group that helped stoke much of the pro-Elizabeth Warren movement early in the 2016 election cycle, is backing the Vermont senator after he earned 88 percent of the over 270,000 votes cast in the group’s online membership poll, compared to 10 percent for Clinton, and 1 percent for both Martin O’Malley and the option not to endorse at all.

While this was Democracy for America’s first presidential endorsement, the group partnered with close ally Elizabeth Warren to endorse Catherine Cortez Masto in the Nevada senate race back in September:

Democracy for America is proud to join forces with Senator Elizabeth Warren to endorse two progressive champions for the United States Senate: Kamala Harris in California and Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada.  

Democracy for America’s liberal activists have made their rejection of Hillary Clinton crystal clear, and Warren has declined to endorse despite enormous pressure.

Guess who else won’t endorse Clinton? In an exchange with top Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston, Cortez Masto repeatedly refused to offer support – or even lukewarm praise – for Clinton:

RALSTON: “Have you endorsed Hillary Clinton for President?”

CORTEZ MASTO: “No I have been focused on my race. I will tell you this, there are some incredible candidates out there but right now I am focused on running for Attorney General, ensuring that…”

RALSTON: “You can multitask, you sure you don’t want to endorse Hillary Clinton?” 

CORTEZ MASTO: “I am getting out all over the state of Nevada to talk to people, I’ve been to Winnemaca, I’ve been to Yearington, Reno, Las Vegas, and that’s what this race is about, the differences and who’s best to represent their interests.”

RALSTON: “No endorsement for Hillary tonight on Ralston Live?”

CORTEZ MASTO: “Nope, right now focused on the race, Jon.” 

Could Catherine Cortez Masto be “Feeling the Bern”?