March 3, 2016

DOJ Grants Clinton IT Guy Immunity For Homebrew Server Testimony

The Washington Post reported Wednesday night that Secretary Clinton’s personal IT professional, Bryan Pagliano, has been granted immunity by the Justice Department in exchange for his testimony regarding Clinton’s private email server.

Pagliano worked for Clinton’s 2008 campaign and, following that failed effort, was paid personally by Clinton to set up a homebrew server in her New York home basement in 2009.

Pagliano’s immunity is the latest development in Clinton’s email saga, which included the IT professional invoking his Fifth Amendment rights before the House Select Committee on Benghazi in September 2015.

Upon discovery of Pagliano’s role in Clinton’s server setup, America Rising submitted a FOIA request to the State Department seeking “all emails and other records of communications sent by Bryan Pagliano and all records of expenses, travel receipts, and reimbursements concerning Bryan Pagliano” on August 18th.  The State Department acknowledged receipt of that request (see here), but to date has not fulfilled America Rising’s request.

See below for a quick primer on Pagliano and his involvement in Clinton’s private server setup:

1. Pagliano was Hillary Clinton’s IT Director for her 2008 presidential campaign and received a salary from her Senate leadership PAC.

2. Pagliano set up Clinton’s homebrew server in the spring of 2009.

3. Pagliano became an IT Specialist at the State Department under Clinton in May 2009.

4. On several occasions, including after Hurricane Sandy hit New York in 2012, Pagliano was summoned to Clinton’s Chappequa home to fix the server.

5. Pagliano pled the Fifth when he testified before the House Benghazi Committee on September 10.