December 30, 2015

Don’t Let Hillary Clinton Fool You, She Is No Friend Of Coal


During an editorial board meeting with the Portsmouth Herald Hillary Clinton claimed:

“I’m very grateful to people in coal country … (Kentucky Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell) and others have unfortunately used the so-called ‘war on coal’ as a political tool against President Obama,” she said. “I’ve taken a different approach.”

This statement contradicts Clinton’s previous claims about coal, however.

At an “Environmentalist For Hillary” event in Nashua, NH Clinton said, “I also want to say a special word about coal. We have to move away from coal. Everybody understands that, there is no doubt about it.”

Clinton has also proposed a $30 billion plan to end coal. This plan is seen as a continuation of President Obama’s war on coal, which has created a depression in coal communities.

While pundits like CNBC’s Jim Cramer have said that if Hillary Clinton were elected, it would be the end of coal production in the United States.