February 11, 2016

Don’t Let Hillary Clinton Fool You She Want To Wage A War On Coal

During tonight’s Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton attempted to present herself as a person who cares about America’s coal community.

CLINTON: The coalfield communities that have been so hard hit by the changing economy, the reduction in the use of coal. Coal miners and their families who helped turn on the lights and power our factories for generations are now wondering, has our country forgotten us? Do people not care about all of our sacrifice?

Don’t be fooled, this statement contradicts everything we know about Clinton and her stance on coal

At an “Environmentalist For Hillary” event in Nashua, NH Clinton said, “I also want to say a special word about coal. We have to move away from coal. Everybody understands that, there is no doubt about it.”

Clinton has also proposed a $30 billion plan to end coal. This plan is seen as a continuation of President Obama’s war on coal, which has created a depression in coal communities.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer have said that if Hillary Clinton were elected, it would be the end of coal production in the United States.

This shift probably has something to do with the fact that several of America’s to coal producing states have primaries coming up in March.