February 29, 2016

“Double Standard” Once Again For Clinton’s Former Chief Of Staff

This year the American people have already learned that Hillary Clinton’s State Department chief of staff Cheryl Mills pushes ethical limits. Today an exclusive Fox News report shows that Mills pushed the limits of classification laws too.

According to Fox News Mills has maintained a “top secret” clearance even while being investigated for her role in the Clinton’s private server scandal:

“A senior Hillary Clinton aide has maintained her top secret security clearance despite sending information now deemed classified to the Clinton Foundation and to then-Secretary of State Clinton’s private unsecured email account, according to congressional letters obtained by Fox News. Current and former intelligence officials say it is standard practice to suspend a clearance pending the outcome of an investigation.”

Mill’s continued access to “top secret” material is another in a long line of examples of Clintonworld playing by a different standard than everyone else:

“Dan Maguire, a former strategic planner with Africom who has 46 years combined service, told Fox News his current and former colleagues are deeply concerned a double standard is at play. ‘Had this happened to someone serving in the government, their clearance would have already been pulled, and certainly they would be under investigation.’”

Mills’ maintaining top secret clearance is especially egregious because she sent classified material to unsecure servers. Below is an two email in which Mills forwarded emails to Clinton Foundation employees that contain classified material:Picture1

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 1.17.49 PM