August 2, 2013

More Drama From HillaryLand

After a week of vain leaks, a bizarre, choreographed dinner, and disappointed staffers leaving the Hillary 2016 “farm team,” the Clintons still can’t help but inject themselves into the drama of Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal.

The New York Times has the tick-tock on how Hillary was briefed on her longtime aide Huma Abedin’s plans:

Longtime allies from Mrs. Clinton’s close-knit inner circle, the two spoke for several minutes before Ms. Abedin ended the call and stepped before reporters to make her statement.

Mr. Reines, 43, said his primary interest was in supporting his close friend Ms. Abedin, who has been an aide to Mrs. Clinton since the White House years, during a difficult time. But he also called Mrs. Clinton to make sure she knew what was about to unfold, according to a person briefed on their conversation.