September 13, 2016

DSCC Continues To Cut Spending On Patrick Murphy’s Humiliating Campaign

Patrick Murphy’s hapless Senate campaign against Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) must be in full on panic mode now. That’s because unlike Murphy’s father, who will spend millions to support him, national Democrats see him for the loser he is.

Last week the Miami Herald reported that the DSCC had cut a weeks worth of ads from Florida. That pushed their first week of TV spending to the last week in September. Significantly, Politico broke the news last night that the DSCC is now cutting 70% of their planned first week spending in the race:

“As part of the shift in advertising, Democrats are also scaling back their advertising in Florida by $700,000 during the last week of September, from about $1 million to $300,000.”

$300,000 in a state as big as Florida is as insignificant as Murphy’s legislative record. The DSCC had once planned to spend upwards of over $8 million to prop up his embarrassing campaign. Yet with polls showing Senator Rubio consistently ahead, the DSCC is now racing to get money out of Florida as fast as they can.

Compounding the DSCC’s neglect, the Murphy’s resumes lies are now featured in TV ads airing against him. The race is going so bad for Murphy right now you’d think he jump at any chance to get in front of Florida votes. Tellingly though, Murphy only agree to half the debates planned for the Florida Senate race, never the sign of a confident, competent candidate.