October 4, 2016

DSCC Has Now Cut 80% Of Their Planned Spending For Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy’s Senate campaign took another major blow yesterday afternoon. The DSCC, in a sign of how little faith they have in his chances, cut another $1.9 million in planned advertising for Murphy:

“The committee has now cancelled about $1.9 million in planned TV ad spending in Florida for the week of Oct. 18-24, according to Politico. A DSCC spokeswoman would not independently confirm the cuts to the Herald/Times and, instead, directed a reporter to the Politico story.”

That means that the DSCC has already cut 80% out of the $10 million the DSCC was originally planning on spending for Murphy. The DSCC’s stated rationale for the cuts was “shift the money to use closer to the election,” yet as the Miami Herald writes there’s “no evidence” that the DSCC is telling the truth. Given that just yesterday Roll Call moved their rating of the Florida Senate race from Tilts Republican to Leans Republican, it’s clear that the real reason the committee cut their Florida ad buy is because they know Murphy is a loser.