November 13, 2015

Duckworth Poised To Rubberstamp Obama Gitmo Plan

Despite legislation passed by bipartisan majorities in both houses of Congress within the last week barring President Obama from transferring Guantanamo Bay detainees to the United States, the President is set to release a plan to do it anyway, and Sen. Dick Durbin has his back. The Washington Post reported:

Durbin demurred when asked point-blank if Obama should heed the advice of ex-White House aides and use executive authority to shutter the controversial prison camp housing terrorist suspects. But the Illinois Democrat added that Obama is ‘a constitutional scholar himself’ and that ‘if the president can find a constitutional path to that conclusion, I hope he can serve our country by closing Guantanamo once and for all.

Durbin is a longtime political mentor to Rep. Tammy Duckworth. He pushed her to run for Congress in 2006 and is one of the most prominent supporters of her 2016 senate bid.

Duckworth has been in lockstep with Durbin and President Obama on Guantanamo Bay; in 2012 she called for the facility to be “shut down immediately” in an interview with Thai newspaper The Nation:

However, [Duckworth] did not defend Washington when asked about Guantanamo Bay, saying she wanted it to be shut down immediately because it went against the US constitution as it did not give prisoners the right to a fair trial.

In Congress, Duckworth has cast eight votes in support of closing Gitmo, including votes for legislation that would specifically allow terrorist detainees to be moved to U.S. prisons as recently as June of 2015. View all of Duckworth’s votes here.

Duckworth has made it clear that she supports bringing Gitmo terrorists into the country, so Illinois voters can expect her to once again fall in line with her Party’s liberal leaders. After all, Nancy Pelosi even said that housing terrorists could be an “economic opportunity” for Illinois!