October 6, 2015

Ed Rendell Continues To Cause Problems For Katie McGinty

When Katie McGinty chose Ed Rendell to be her campaign chair, she probably didn’t think the former governor would cause her any problems.

But in an interview on The Rick Smith Show on Friday, McGinty came out in opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership:

RICK SMITH: “Good for you. Last question I’ve got for you, the big news right now, for me anyways, this Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade agreement. Maybe you’ve heard of it, curious what side of this do you come down on.”

KATIE MCGINTY: “No, I’d be opposed to it. Senator McGinty would vote against the TPP, and look, there’s lots of reasons.”

The problem is that Rendell, McGinty’s campaign chair, has been a big supporter of the TPP, writing an op-ed in favor of the deal and signing a letter urging Democrats to give Obama fast-track authority. And today, Rendell signed a letter urging Democrats to support the Trans-Pacific Partnership:


This is not the first time that Rendell has caused headaches for McGinty. Rendell has not been the biggest cheerleader for the Clinton campaign, slamming Clinton for being “tone deaf” and saying that the scrutiny of Clinton’s email could not be dismissed. One can only imagine the call the McGinty campaign received from Team Clinton after those comments. And back in 2010, Rendell had said that party bosses lining up behind Joe Sestak’s primary opponent actually helped Sestak because he was able to run as the guy who stood up to party bosses. That comment must have irked McGinty, since it seems to also sum up the current primary in Pennsylvania.