May 20, 2016

Ed Rendell’s Shocking Pattern Of Sexist Statements

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell landed in hot water on Wednesday for making the outrageously offensive statement that “there are probably more ugly women in America than attractive woman” and implying that women vote based on their looks.

When the press pounced, Rendell was forced to walk back his remarks, but his “apology” left a lot to be desired, as a Philadelphia Inquirer column noted:

Ed’s apologized, saying his comment was “stupid and insensitive.” But also threw in that long-employed political qualifier: he’s sorry “if I offended anyone.”

Rendell, a Hillary Clinton surrogate and Katie McGinty’s campaign chairman, has long been a loose cannon, but Democrats who laugh off his gaffes have ignored a disturbing pattern of demeaning statements toward women that goes back for decades.

A Brief History Of Rendell’s Offensive Statements To And About Women:

2011: Rendell went off the rails during an interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes” and called reporter Lesley Stahl a simpleton and an idiot: 

2010: While denying rumored affairs in an interview with Philly Mag, Rendell said the rumors were “particularly unfair to attractive women” and that he should “find an unattractive woman to have an affair with”:

“I do not have affairs with women,” Ed Rendell concludes, stiffly, sounding a little like his buddy Bill Clinton, “and it’s really unfair. It’s particularly unfair to attractive women. I should go out and find an unattractive woman to have an affair with.”

2008: Rendell was caught on a hot mic saying Obama Homeland Security nominee Janet Napolitano had “no family” and therefore “no life”:

1994: Rendell told a female reporter interviewing him “how he presumes I am in bed” and said she should find his comments “flattering”:

As [reporter Lisa] DePaulo and Rendell rode back to Philadelphia, the article says that in the presence of the mayor’s driver and Phildelphia lawyer Tom Leonard, Rendell told DePaulo that he heard “something very interesting” about her.

He then “proceeded to tell me, in raw and alliterative terms, how he presumes I am in bed. All of which he says I ‘should find flattering,’ ” the article said.

Note that Rendell offered another non-apology for these outrageous comments, characterizing his lewd remarks as “salty and earthy”:

Mayor Rendell says that while his words may have been ‘salty and earthy,’ there was no intent to offend a magazine writer who has accused him of making sexually explicit comments to her during a recent interview. The writer, Lisa DePaulo of Philadelphia Magazine, said in an article released today that Rendell made repeated comments of a sexual nature to her, at one point telling her ‘how he presumes I am in bed.’

Hillary Clinton has declined to condemn Rendell’s remarks (any of them) and Katie McGinty called his comments about “ugly women” “inappropriate” through a spokesperson but has refused to remove him as her campaign chairman.