September 14, 2016

Editorials Across The Country Censure Clinton’s “Inexcusable Stumbles”

Hillary Clinton’s awful weekend has turned into an awful week. The secrecy surrounding her recent health issues and her “basket of deplorables” comment has been met with a wave of condemnation. Editorial boards, starting over the weekend, have not spared their criticism of Clinton’s recent words and actions.

As USA Today wrote, Clinton’s penchant for secrecy, gives voters the “sense that she can’t be trusted”:

“As usual, keeping the public in the dark is not working to Clinton’s advantage. What might have been a brief flurry about what is likely to be a minor health issue has instead become a full-fledged media and political frenzy that confirms the widely held and damaging sense that she can’t be trusted. The fact that Clinton and her closest advisers haven’t figured this out augers an exhausting White House tenure hampered by self-inflicted and self-inflated drama. Maybe that is why some Democrats are so nervous, they are wondering about how to replace her on the ticket if necessary.”

See below for some of the bad editorial headlines that are causing Clinton’s campaign so much trouble across the country:

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Editorial: Clinton’s bad judgment calls only give fuel to her critics”

Richmond Times-Dispatch: “Editorial – Hillary Clinton has a rough weekend”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: “EDITORIAL: A bad weekend”

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: “Editorial: Clinton’s inexcusable stumbles”

Financial Times: “Hillary Clinton’s addiction to privacy carries high risk”