July 1, 2016

Editorials: Benghazi “Mishandled,” Disaster “Orchestrated… In Part By Hillary Clinton”

The Benghazi scandal has long been a central liability for Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State has long struggled to overcome the failed leadership she displayed during the Benghazi attack. Now with the release of the 800-page Benghazi report she has been provided with another significant problem.

The report shows conclusively that Clinton lied to the American people about the circumstances of the attack on the State Department compound. Furthermore, it once again highlights that Clinton ignored numerous warnings of danger and appeals for help from State Department personnel stationed in Libya.

See below for a roundup of editorials on the Benghazi report that highlight Clinton’s failed leadership in this tragic scandal:

Wall Street Journal: “On Monday this week on the campaign trail, Mrs. Clinton adstted that lots of Americans don’t trust her. ‘I personally know I have work to do on this front,’ she told her audience. This report shows she has earned that mistrust… The tragedy of Benghazi is that four brave Americans in a dangerous part of the world lost their lives to a determined and deadly enemy. The scandal of Benghazi is that instead of leveling with the American people, Mrs. Clinton and others who knew better opted for a more convenient—and corrosive—spin.”

New Hampshire Union Leader: “Hillary Clinton lied. Maybe that’s why the New York Times declared that the 800-page Benghazi report released this week contained no new information. Hillary Clinton lying is not breaking news”

Detroit News: “Benghazi was mishandled from every angle. The disaster was orchestrated at least in part by Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president who is citing her leadership and crisis management skills in her campaign. That makes the report’s findings more than information for the archives.”

Boston Herald: “Even while that meeting was going on Stevens was still missing, the consulate, the annex and its defenders were all still under attack.

The account of ineptitude, callousness and, yes, of outright lying at the highest level of our government is stunning in its detail. But there’s nothing to see here, folks. Just move along.”

Florida Times-Union: “The review board described a total system breakdown that included an inadequate number of security agents, a lack of protective equipment and officials who failed to respond as Benghazi’s security deteriorated. A ‘lack of proactive senior leadership’ was cited by the review board, which ought to include Clinton. The special House committee, however, was not solely targeting Clinton for criticism. The committee also noted failures of the military, the CIA and the Obama administration.”