August 29, 2016

Editorials Blast Clinton’s “Totally Clueless” Response To Growing Clinton Foundation Scandal

The drumbeat focusing on Hillary Clinton’s shady dealings continued unabated this weekend. Editorials around the country have persisted in targeting the Clinton Foundation’s pay-to-play dealings. The Clintons tried and failed to address the problem with reforms that ethicists found severely lacking, and the result has been a new series of editorials targeting the Clintons for keeping the Clinton Foundation active.

See below for more editorials that emphasize Hillary Clinton’s untrustworthiness for voters:

Miami Herald: “Hillary Clinton just had what was arguably her worst week since the Democratic convention thanks to the drip-drip-drip of news originating with her emails as secretary of State and her connection to the Clinton Foundation. And the worst part is, Ms. Clinton seems totally clueless regarding the damage this is doing to her campaign. Or to her standing with the public. Or to her chances of winning in November.”

Miami Herald: “The Clintons’ attempts at damage control have failed to stifle doubts. Former President Bill Clinton said the foundation will no longer accept foreign or corporate donations if Ms. Clinton wins the election. And he said he would step down from its board and would no longer raise money for the organization. But the damage has already been done.”

Tampa Bay Times: “There is a steady drip of revelations about overlapping connections between the foundation and the State Department while Clinton was secretary of state that undermine the declaration before she took that job that there would be clear lines. State Department emails released to the conservative group Judicial Watch show there were often communications between the State Department and supporters and donors to the Clinton Foundation.”

Tribune-Democrat: “At minimum, involvement with the Clinton Foundation provides a clear conflict of interest for Hillary Clinton the candidate. At worst, her world-impacting decisions as president would be available for sale to the highest bidders.”

Minneapolis Star-Tribune: “There is only one way to mitigate the damage at this point. As painful as it would be, the Clintons must shut down what until recently was known as the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. The half-measures being proposed don’t go far enough and leave the issue as one that will plague her until the last days of this election and perhaps beyond.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: “The dictionary defines the term ‘quid pro quo’ as a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something. If that’s not what happened with various Clinton Foundation suitors while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state, then it appears quid pro quo needs to be redefined.”