October 30, 2015

Edwards Tapping Clinton Cronies For Campaign Cash

John Bel Edwards’ longtime and vocal support of President Obama has become a major issue in the Louisiana gubernatorial race, as he’s struggled mightily to separate himself from the deeply unpopular national Democratic agenda.

But today, Edwards is in Washington, D.C. raking in cash with James Carville, a longtime crony of the new standard-bearer of the national Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton.

Evidently, Edwards has decided that filling his campaign coffers is worth the political price of associating himself with Clinton, despite taking great pains to avoid her last month. The Advocate reported:

Edwards, who has taken pains to distance himself from the national Democrat Party, downplayed the fact that he missed Democrat presidential contender Hillary Clinton’s visit to Baton Rouge on Monday.

“I had my own meetings yesterday,” he said.

Edwards went on to say he “will not endorse any presidential contenders until 2016” – a timeline which, conveniently, comes after the gubernatorial election.

However, Edwards is dropping a major clue about where his support lies by fundraising with what is sure to be a who’s who of Clinton donors. The swanky event – individual tickets start at $1,000 – will take place at Carville’s D.C.-area home:

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 5.44.49 PM

Carville, who achieved political fame running Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign, has long been at the center of Clintonworld, and boasts deep connections to longtime Clinton donors and political insiders, a network that Edwards is clearly eager to tap into.

It’s often said that people are judged by the company they keep. By raking in campaign cash from Clinton cronies, Edwards is sending a clear signal to Louisiana voters about who he stands with.