March 14, 2016

Elizabeth Warren Declines Two More Times To Endorse Clinton

Once again, Elizabeth Warren declined to endorse Hillary Clinton. This perennial issue for Warren came up again during an interview NECN. Previously, Warren has resisted pressure from fellow female Senators, and been the only female Democratic Senator absent from a Clinton rally.

In an interview, Warren was asked twice about her lack of an endorsement in the Democratic presidential race. The firebrand liberal held firm in her neutrality between Sanders and Clinton:

“ALISON KING: You have been very quiet about the race and have been open about not endorsing, but why not? ELIZABETH WARREN: The way I see it, the Democrats are doing exactly what we should be doing. KING: But don’t you feel some measure of responsibility to your constituents to let them know what you’re thinking? WARREN: I feel an enormous responsibility to make it clear what Democrat stand for. KING: Will you be getting behind a candidate at some point? WARREN: Yes. KING: OK, weeks? WARREN: I don’t have a timeline on it.”

Later in the interview, Warren was also asked if Clinton would be able to function as president given how “extremely divisive” she is. At no point did Warren defend Clinton from that damaging charge, or reject the idea that Clinton was “extremely divisive”:

“KING: There is concern that Hillary Clinton is extremely divisive and that if she goes in there, it won’t be a fresh start in the Congress. WARREN: You know, my view on this is we got to make this fundamentally about the issues. It’s not about our differences. It’s not about who’s liked and who isn’t. It’s about the things that we need our government to do.”