March 16, 2017

Elizabeth Warren Joins Bernie In Pulling A Grayson With Awful Health Care Comments

Apparently, Elizabeth Warren is not content to let Bernie Sanders be the only Democrat saying outrageously offensive things about the Republican health care plan. Earlier this week, Sanders echoed Alan Grayson’s awful comments when he said Republicans wanted people to “die quickly.” Yesterday on the Senate floor, Warren made very similar comments, saying that “people will die” because of the Republican plan:

Warren’s comments are disgusting and reprehensible. Yet as Democrats jockey for control of their leaderless party, Sanders doubled down on his own revolting comments when speaking with CNN:

The Democratic Party is currently tearing itself apart in a divisive civil war. It doesn’t help the party that two of its potential leaders are engaged in a game to see who can say the worst, most out of touch statement in the health care debate.