July 25, 2016

Elizabeth Warren On Hillary Clinton: “I Worry”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) took a seriously long time to endorse Hillary Clinton. Only when the Democratic primary was over did Warren give Clinton her approval.

For the reason why Warren took so long, look no further than America Rising’s new video. For over a decade, Warren has been critical of Clinton’s ties to Wall Street and other special interests. Most significantly, in 2004, Warren alleged that Clinton changed her position on the 2001 bankruptcy bill because of credit card industry campaign donations:

MOYERS: “And then, and then?”

 WARREN: “One of the first bills that came up after she was Senator Clinton, was the bankruptcy bill. This is a bill that’s like a vampire, it will not die right, there’s a lot of money behind it –”

MOYERS: “Bill her husband had vetoed.”

WARREN: “Her husband had vetoed it very much at her urging.”

MOYERS: “And?”

WARREN: “She voted in favor of it.”

MOYERS: “Why?”

WARREN: “As Senator Clinton, the pressures are very different. It’s a well-financed industry. You know a lot of people don’t realize that the industry that gave the most money to Washington over the past few years was not the oil industry, was not pharmaceuticals, it was consumer credit products. Those are the people, the credit card companies have been giving money and they have influence.” MOYERS: “And Mrs. Clinton was one of them as senator.”

WARREN: “She has taken money from the groups and more to the point, she worries about them as a constituency.”