March 25, 2016

Elizabeth Warren Praises Sanders’ “Heart,” While Denying Clinton’s Inevitability

Over the past few weeks, Senator Elizabeth Warren has been asked repeatedly whether she plans on endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. Each time Warren has demurred, pleading neutrality. Now it appears that Warren’s pledge of neutrality is thawing, but not for Hillary Clinton.

Last night, Warren “waded deeper into the presidential primary” when she made comments “cheering on Bernie Sanders.” Warren was asked about the calls by President Obama and others for Sanders to drop out. Instead of agreeing with Obama, Warren took that opportunity to praise Sanders’ candidacy, and the issues he’s raising:

“On Thursday, when asked if Bernie Sanders should drop out of the race, Warren praised the Democratic senator from Vermont. Sanders has echoed Warren’s criticism of Wall Street and rising student load debt more than any other candidate. ‘He’s out there. He fights from the heart. This is who Bernie is,’ Warren said. ‘He has put the right issues on the table both for the Democratic Party and for the country in general so I’m still cheering Bernie on.’’’

Warren’s answer makes perfect sense when you consider the fact she and Sanders are currently sponsoring a bill together that would “toughen rules” on Wall Street , while Hillary Clinton is being asked about her campaign finance hypocrisy by Jimmy Kimmel.