November 14, 2016

Elizabeth Warren & Top Democrats Plot Working-Class Comeback From 5-Star DC Hotel

Many Democrats are looking at the wreckage of their party as an opportunity for political advancement. Liberal firebrand Elizabeth Warren is wasting no time plotting her ascendancy to the top of the Democratic Party. This morning, NTK obtained footage of the supposed friend of the working peoples, Elizabeth Warren, walking into a meeting of the secretive Democracy Alliance in the five-star Mandarin Oriental:

After Hillary Clinton’s demoralizing loss last Tuesday, the Washington Post’s David Maraniss, chronicled how the Clintons’ abandonment of working class voters doomed Clinton to defeat:

“But now, with any notion of a dynasty dead and gone, one explanation for the stunning political demise of the Clintons might be the extent to which they moved away from a middle-American sensibility into the realm of the coastal elite, from McDonald’s to veganism to put it in symbolic terms, making it harder for Hillary to bridge the nation’s yawning social divide.”

Warren’s hobnobbing with big money donors in a five-star DC hotel shows that she’s truly not learned the lessons of the Clinton’s massive failure in 2016. If anything, Warren looks like she’s going to double down on the elitism that so doomed Clinton in the presidential race.