August 1, 2017

Elizabeth Warren’s Fourth Flip-Flop On Single Payer

Throughout her public career, Senator Elizabeth Warren has been all over the map on single payer. As America Rising PAC documented last month, Warren has flip-flopped on single payer on at least three separate occasions.

Just last month, Warren told the Wall Street Journal that she wanted Democrats to run on single payer in 2018 and 2020. In a move that should shock no one familiar with Senator Warren’s ambivalence on the issue, she’s already backpedaling on that belief.

Speaking with the Boston Globe, Senator Warren would refused to say that single payer should be part of the Democratic platform during the midterm elections:

“Asked whether Democrats should run on a single-payer platform in 2018, Warren skirted the question. “I think of this as less about politics and more about values,” she said. ‘We are all part of the human family, and health care is a basic human right. . .. As Democrats, we need to keep talking about our values.’”

Warren’s ever-changing position on this issue reflects the current predicament in the Democratic Party. Out-of-touch liberal activists may clamor for radical ideas like single-payer health care, but Elizabeth Warren’s ephemeral flirtation with the issue shows that even she knows that it’s an electoral albatross for her national ambitions.