September 20, 2013

Elon Poll: Less Than 1/3 Of North Carolinians Think ObamaCare Would Improve Health Care

Today, the News & Observer reported a new Elon University poll that shows only 29% of North Carolinians think ObamaCare will actually improve healthcare in the state. That’s bad news for liberal politicians like Kay Hagan who are running their 2014 reelection campaigns on doubling down on their support for ObamaCare.

Half of North Carolina residents think that Obamacare will make healthcare in North Carolina worse, according to a new poll.

The Elon University Poll found that only 29 percent thought it would make it better, while 14 percent said it would not make a difference.

A majority (59 percent) of Democrats believe the Affordable Care Act will improve health care, but only 27 percent of independents thinks and only 4 percent of Republicans think so.