March 11, 2016

Embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Is A BIG Problem For Hillary Clinton

Illinois holds its Democratic primary on Tuesday, and many polls have Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders big the state. This may be because Illinois is one of the several states that Clinton calls “home.”

But don’t be fooled: Clinton could be in for a big surprise on Tuesday, and it’s all because of longtime Clinton ally: embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

In order for Clinton to win Illinois she needs a large turnout from Chicago’s African-American community on Tuesday, and in an attempt to shore up this vote, Clinton has released a new ad featuring mothers of gun violence victims.

Chicago has been plagued by gun violence in its African-American community under Emanuel, and according to a recent Chicago Triune report:

“The city has recorded at least 95 homicides since the first of the year, compared to 47 last year, according to data kept by the Tribune. The city has also more than doubled the amount of people shot – about 420 this year compared to 193 last year.”

This high rate of gun violence combined with Emanuel’s terrible handling of Laquan McDonald’s death have led to mass protests calling on Emanuel to resign.

Even worse is that according to a recent study, poverty is up and services have diminished in Chicago’s African-American neighborhoods under Emanuel.

All of these incidents, combined with Emanuel’s 27% approval rating, have led to Clintons shying away from Emanuel:

“Often when either of the Clintons appears in the Chicago region, Emanuel appears at their side or introduces them on stage. That has not been the case in recent months as Emanuel remains widely unpopular in Chicago, with his approval rating sinking to a record low 27 percent in a Tribune poll published last month.”

The Clinton campaign is probably very concerned that other Chicago leaders like the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis are refusing to endorse, which has to be a blow to Clinton.

Meanwhile, Sanders is releasing three new ads featuring three Chicago community leaders, including Cook County Commissioner Chuy Garcia, who unsuccessfully challenged Emanuel in 2015.

A loss in Illinois would be devastating to Clinton’s campaign, and if the African-American community stays home, that spells trouble for her chances.