July 13, 2016

After Endorsing, Sanders Brags About Dragging Clinton To The Left

After waiting over a month before endorsing Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders finally bit the bullet and did it yesterday. Lest anyone think that Sanders endorsed Clinton out of some belief in the former Secretary of State, Sanders was quick, this morning, to point out that he needed significant policy concessions from Clinton before he considered any endorsement:


Yet even with these concessions the progressive grassroots are not falling in line behind Sanders. As the Boston Herald highlighted this morning Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are now feeling the heat for their perceived betrayal. The Herald spoke with many of those progressive activists and paint a grim picture for Clinton’s electoral hopes:

“But progressives told the Herald not even Warren can sell them on a Clinton White House. Some are still fuming over what they believe was Democratic strong-arming to suppress the Sanders vote, while others view Clinton as a corrupt instrument of Wall Street and are heartsick over their one-time progressive darling sharing the same stage.”

Many of those same negative sentiments were echoed by disappointed Sanders supporters at yesterday’s joint Clinton-Sanders rally. CNN spoke with many of those supporters and showed that, even with Sanders’ endorsement, the #NeverHillary movement is still alive and well:

“Even after the joint event, where Clinton and Sanders declared war on Donald Trump and praised each others’ political careers and policies, some voters who supported Sanders during the Democratic primary simply said this about Clinton: ‘Never Hillary.’ The skepticism — and even animosity — that some here expressed is a clear sign of the work Clinton will have to do to win over populist liberals in the months to come.”

One attendee specifically cited the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s private email server as a barrier to ever supporting the former Secretary of State:

“‘Anything but Hillary,’ said Will, 23, from Salem, Massachusetts. ‘I don’t believe that someone who five days ago was being hounded by the FBI is someone I would trust with my future,’ he said, a reference to the investigation into Clinton’s use of a personal email server during her tenure at the State Department.”

Clinton’s big money speeches and email scandal have tarnished her image with Sanders’ supporters to such an extent that no amount of flip-flops can fix. With Clinton’s swing state numbers tanking, this is a problem no amount of endorsements can fix.