July 26, 2016

Eric Holder: Clinton Does Not Have The “Track Record, The Vision, The Courage” To Be President

When Former Attorney General Eric Holder endorsed Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton in 2008 it was big news. After all, Holder had been the Deputy Attorney General in Bill Clinton’s Justice Department. Yet Holder had serious concerns with a potential Hillary Clinton presidency and was not shy about sharing them. Holder did not limit himself to making an affirmative case for Obama; he also made a strong negative case for why Clinton would not make a good president. As Holder addresses the 2016 Democratic National Convention in support of Clinton, it’s unclear what, apart from political pressure, has caused him to change his opinion.

Holder said that Clinton did not have the “the track record, the vision, the courage and the sense of justice that is so sorely needed at this critical time.” Specifically, on criminal justice reform, Holder believed only Obama was equipped to handle that issue:

“He alone among those running for President- including those who claim to be so experienced- has the track record, the vision, the courage and the sense of justice that is so sorely needed at this critical time. With our violent crime rate rising for the first time in years it is time for a new leader with new approaches to the crime problems that have bedeviled us as a nation for too long. That person is Barack Obama.”

Another reason why Holder believed Clinton should not be the Democratic nominee in 2008 is because of the energizing effect she’d have on Republicans:

“‘One of the chief things that would energize a very dispirited Republican Party is Hillary Clinton on the ticket,’ said Eric Holder, who was second-in-command at the Justice Department in the late 1990s and who likens Obama to John F. Kennedy.’”

Finally, Holder said that even though he was loyal to the Clintons, he could not support Hillary Clinton because he was worried about the “world my kids are going to live in”:

“Holder said Clinton’s high negative ratings are a result of Republican attacks, not her own doing. ‘I say this with sadness, but it is nevertheless a reality,’ he said. ‘My feelings of loyalty are outweighed by my concern about the world my kids are going to live in.’” 

Whatever Holder says tonight; he’s made his real opinion of Secretary Clinton clear.