October 31, 2016

Evan Bayh Continues To Get Knocked For Forsaking Indiana

With the election just eight days away, fake Hoosier Evan Bayh continues to get hammered in the local Indiana press for his residency problems. Last night, the Kokomo Tribune detailed how Bayh’s DC lifestyle “continues to dog” his campaign. Since Bayh’s late addition to the race, his campaign has faced with tough questions on why he no longer lives in Indiana:

“It wasn’t long before the triumphant return and sure victory headlines pivoted to: Where have you been? And what have you been doing so far from home?”

That was followed up by bombshell revelations from the Associated Press:

“Now comes an Associated Press report that suggests Bayh didn’t wait for his post-Senate days to take up residence-by-choice in the Beltway instead of in his old Indiana home. AP’s Brian Slodysko reported that a copy of Bayh’s schedule from 2010, his final year in the Senate, suggested that when he did come back to Indianapolis, he stayed in hotels, either using taxpayer money, campaign funds or help from others to cover the stay. The AP report put the number of Indy stays that year at roughly a dozen.”

According to the Kokomo Tribune, Bayh’s habit of staying in hotels in Indianapolis, instead of his condo, point to a larger disconnect between Bayh and the Hoosiers he wants to represent:

“Frugal Hoosier isn’t just the name of the off-brand discount store the Heck family dreads to shop on ABC’s Indiana-centric sit-com, ‘The Middle.’ It’s an ethic. Who stays in a hotel when a perfectly fine condo, presumably with your own pillow and one you tout as your actual home, is waiting? At least, who does that roughly a dozen times?”

Bayh traded his Senate seat for high paying jobs and board seats. Indiana voters know that instead of working for them these past six years, he’s been lining his pockets.