August 22, 2016

Evan Bayh Couldn’t Leave Indiana Fast Enough

Evan Bayh’s rough ride continued this weekend. A new CNN story showed once again that it would be more appropriate for Bayh to run for mayor of Washington, D.C. than his current race in Indiana.

Since announcing his return to politics, Bayh has attempted to claim that he never left Indiana for Washington, D.C. Yet three weeks after leaving the Senate in 2011, Bayh shifted his primary residence from Indianapolis to his $2.3 million mansion in DC:

“A CNN review of public records since Bayh left office in 2011 shows the Democrat repeatedly listed his two multi-million dollar homes in Washington as his main places of residence — not the $53,000 condo he owns in Indianapolis. Just three weeks after leaving office in 2011, Bayh changed his address to his $2.3 million home in a leafy neighborhood in Washington, according to Indiana records.”

CNN now reports that Bayh listed his DC address on an Alaska fishing license, a campaign contribution to Hillary Clinton, and the deed to a property in Florida. Bayh even changed his address with Indiana’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles to DC.

Bayh’s attempt to run for the Senate in Indiana from his base in Washington is shameless, yet not shocking for him. Even a cursory look at the laundry list of big money jobs Bayh took after leaving the Senate in 2011 shows that there is little Bayh won’t do to advance his own interests.