September 25, 2016

Evan Bayh Doesn’t Want To Talk About His Residency Issues Or Hillary Clinton

DC power lobbyist Evan Bayh is finding his run for the open Indiana Senate seat more difficult than he ever could have imagined. From the day Bayh surreptitiously entered the race, he’s been dogged by the fact that he left Indiana for DC, his past votes in the Senate, and the unpopularity of Clinton at the top of the Democratic ticket.

In an interview this morning on RTV6-ABC, all three of those problems troubled Bayh. First, he was pressed on the years he’s spent working for mega-lobbying firm McGuireWoods in Washington, D.C. Clients of Bayh’s firm have benefited from Bayh’s deciding vote making Obamacare a reality. When asked about these facts, all Bayh could do was duck and dodge on both counts:

Another fundamental problem for Bayh is Democrats nominated Hillary Clinton, the least trusted candidate in recent history, for president. A recent poll in Indiana showed Clinton with a 28% favorable rating. When Bayh was asked about his long friendship with Clinton, he showed just how much of a problem Clinton is for his candidacy by completely ignoring the question: