October 11, 2016

Evan Bayh Lied To Cover Up His Taxpayer-Funded Job Search

Evan Bayh is an extremely wealthy lobbyist. Yet apparently that didn’t stop him from using taxpayer money to fund his job search during the last months as a Senator in 2010. Bayh’s sprint for cash, which included “unusual” taxpayer-funded trips to New York City, drew the attention of reporters at the Indianapolis Star.

So in September, reporters with the Star reached out to Bayh’s campaign to ask if he met with Apollo Global Management, a firm that paid him $2 million last year, during his trips to New York in 2010. Bayh’s campaign denied that any Apollo meetings took place:

“In response to IndyStar’s inquiries, the campaign said in early September that Bayh didn’t meet with anyone from Apollo during those trips. Turns out, that wasn’t the case.”

Thanks to a recent Associated Press story, Indiana voters now know Bayh lied to the Indianapolis Star to cover up his shady job search:

“The Associated Press reported Saturday that Bayh stayed overnight three times at one Apollo executive’s New York City residence, and met twice with the company’s chief executive, Leon Black. The report was based on Bayh’s previously unreleased 2010 schedule. At least two of those trips — on Sept. 7 and Nov. 19 — were among those IndyStar had asked about this past month.”

Bayh’s campaign is in full damage control mode, but the harm done is already critical. Bayh lied to reporters in the hopes of covering up his shameful actions. Unfortunately for Bayh, Indiana voters can now see for themselves that when the choice is between honesty and personal profit for Bayh, he’ll chose personal profit every time.