September 20, 2016

Evan Bayh Lies About Leaving Indiana

Facing repeated residency questions, Evan Bayh has gotten desperate. As the Associated Press wrote today, Democrats assumed the Bayh name would be good enough to win in Indiana. Yet recently Bayh is “dropping fast in the polls.”

Bayh has gotten so nervous that he’s now taken to lying to local Indiana reporters about how long he’s been gone from the Hoosier State. Speaking with the Kokomo Tribune, Bayh was at it again. When the reporter pressed Bayh about why he left Indiana, the former Senator claimed that he had lived in Indiana for the last 31 years:

“As a matter of fact, our homestead deduction has always been in the state of Indiana. Our children were born here. We’ve lived here for 31 years after we got married.”

Yet as everyone in Indiana knows, Bayh is lying. Bayh has been married for 31 years, so he’s claiming he never left Indiana. The facts say otherwise. Bayh left Indiana when he was elected to the Senate in 1998, and dropped all pretenses about that fact when he left the Senate in 2010. Here are some of the ways we know Bayh is a liar:

  • The Bayh family has owned a six bedroom home in the Spring Valley neighborhood in DC since 1998. In a story from last year, the Bayhs’ share that they no longer need all the space because their children are going away to college. This proves that their DC home is where they lived.
  • CNN found that Bayh has been labeled an “inactive voter” in Indiana twice since he left the Senate, including once this year.
  • Another CNN story found that weeks after Bayh left the Senate, he switched his official residence with the Indiana government to his mansion in DC.
  • When Bayh donated to Hillary Clinton, he listed his residence to the FEC as a DC one.
  • Bayh’s children went to St. Albans, an elite private school in DC.

Bayh’s residency issues are quickly becoming the story in the Indiana Senate race. The fact that Bayh has been reduced to lying about where he lived shows how damaging the issue has been already.