September 23, 2016

Evan Bayh Wants A Federal Bailout For His Lobbying Firm’s Client

Apparently Evan Bayh’s first run as a Senator didn’t satisfy his demand for federal bailouts. Bayh infamously voted for TARP in 2008, and now it appears he’s looking to get back to the Senate in order to bail out more of America’s most hated industries. Speaking earlier this week with CNHI News, Bayh called for a federal government bailout of insurance company losses that are coming from Obamacare:

“Evan Bayh: ‘I understand there’s some provisions in the law that are supposed to allow the companies to participate in those exchanges without losing money,’ he said. ‘Congress is so dysfunctional they won’t release the funds, and so these companies are left with that choice, so it’s obviously not good for the health care market because people need more choices. We should have more competition. The law was designed to bring that about, but they won’t release the money to make that happen’.”

What Bayh failed to disclose is that one of the companies that would benefit from his proposed bailout, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, is a client of Bayh’s DC lobbying firm McGuireWoods. So far this year, his lobbying firm has made $60,000 lobbying for Blue Cross & Blue Shield. Bayh is no longer even trying to hide that he’s only out for himself. Indiana deserves a Senator that puts its citizens’ interests above his financial ones.