October 4, 2016

Evan Bayh’s Former Campaign Manager Refuses To Endorse Evan Bayh

If you need any more proof that months of relentless focus on Evan Bayh’s residency issues and lobbyist past have had an impact on Bayh’s political prospects look no further than Indianapolis’ Democratic mayor, Joe Hogsett. Hogsett is a longtime friend of Bayh, having ran his 1988 campaign for governor. That race showed that for Bayh, residency issues are nothing knew. Bayh’s residency issues were so bad in 1988 that Hogsett even wrote his thesis on the residency problems Bayh faced that year. (See America Rising’s “ARCHIVE” for Hogsett’s 1988 thesis on the race)

Yet according to the Indianapolis Star, yesterday when speaking about Bayh’s Senate race before the UAW Local 933, Hogsett refused to tell the crowd to support Bayh:

“However, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett, another speaker at Local 933 on the city’s near south side, stopped short of telling the crowd which candidate to support. ‘I’m not going to tell you who is right or who is wrong,’ Hogsett said. ‘You figure that out. You just make sure whoever that is has your back.’”

How embarrassing for Bayh. In a move that strains credulity, Hogsett claimed that he refused to tell the union crowd to support Bayh because he wanted to be “respectful of the audience.” It would be truly impressive if Hogsett was able to say something that ridiculous with a straight face.

The fact that Bayh can’t get a longtime ally like Hogsett to endorse him publicly means he’s in for a seriously long October. At least Bayh still has his lobbying job to fall back on.