September 28, 2016

Evan Bayh’s Lobbyist Past Leaves Democrats With Nothing But Bad Options

Indiana Senate candidate and current DC lobbyist Evan Bayh is increasingly becoming a liability for his fellow DC Democrats. When they convinced the former Indiana resident to run for the Senate they thought they were getting a candidate in Bayh who had the campaign cash to handle the race himself:

“Bayh has been heavily courted by Democrats ever since he left in 2010 in large part because of the large amount of campaign cash he had left in his account — about $10 million.”

Yet now the DSCC and Senate Majority PAC have to commit an additional $3.5 million to try and bailout the hopelessly flawed Bayh. This brings the total Democrats are forced to spend in Indiana, for a candidate who incidentally continues to drop in the polls, up to $6.7 million.

It should be no surprise for DC Democrats that Bayh is having so much trouble in Indiana. After all, as soon as Bayh left the Senate he cashed in on his connections to become a high-priced DC lobbyist. As Politico reports this morning Bayh “leveraged his well-known name” in the service of his high-paying clients as late as a “few months” ago:

“A few months before announcing his comeback Senate bid, Bayh flew to Connecticut, in his capacity as co-chairman of a nuclear industry group, to press officials there on issues affecting a power company that retains McGuireWoods. Years earlier, Bayh leveraged his well-known name in a public campaign against the medical device tax in Obamacare, soon after his firm took on a device manufacturer as a client. In another role, according to a source, he advised colleagues on how to message issues to members of Congress.”

Bayh also used his connections to top Democrats, in the service of his other employer, private equity firm Apollo Global Management. This included joining top Apollo officials in a meeting at the White House:

“McGuireWoods has not been Bayh’s sole source of income since he left the Senate. Bayh is also an adviser to the private equity giant Apollo Global Management. A person familiar with his work said he provides strategic advice on public policy, such as how members of Congress might react to certain issues. Bayh and three officials from Apollo also met with Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to President Obama, in March of 2013, according to White House visitor records. The meeting took place after the 2012 presidential election had put strain on ties with the finance community…”

All told, Bayh’s corporate work brought in millions for him last year, something every Indiana voter could see if Bayh wasn’t still hiding his personal financial disclosure documents. It might not matter though. Stories like Politico’s tell Hoosiers loud and clear that Bayh put himself over them for years.