August 25, 2016

Evan Bayh’s Rough Week Continues

Evan Bayh is having a rough week. The nepotistic former Senator has faced non-stop pressure from Indiana reporters after repeated reports that Bayh abandoned Indiana in 2011. Bayh exacerbated those problems when he fumbled his own Indiana address!

Unfortunately for Bayh, his problems have expanded beyond his significant residency issues. One notable issue is that his time selling his connections to the highest bidder has also left him “rusty” on some key issues. When questioned by Politico on immigration reform, Bayh’s answer was “I don’t know”:

“Bayh is rusty on some hot-button policy topics. He responded ‘I don’t know’ when asked whether he would’ve supported the bipartisan ‘Gang of Eight’ comprehensive immigration reform bill, noting: ‘When I left, I stopped reading the legislation.’”

He had the same “I don’t know” answer on another major issue, background checks for fire arm sales:

“Bayh was also initially unsure about whether he would support expanded background checks for firearm sales at gun shows and over the Internet — in the mold of compromise Senate legislation proposed in 2013. ‘I don’t know’ about firearm sales over the Internet, he said, while adding he would support background checks at gun shows.”

Bayh’s continued employment with the private equity firm Apollo Global Management LLC has also drawn fresh scrutiny this week. Apollo has agreed to pay a $52.7 million fine to settle misconduct allegations leveled by the SEC at one of their senior partners. Yet Bayh has so far refused to resign from the private equity firm.

The Politico story, in which Bayh couldn’t answer simple policy questions, asked if Bayh’s last name alone could win him a Senate seat. With these new revelations, it appears Bayh is trying to make it so that his famous last name is the only positive attribute Indiana voters know about him.