September 6, 2016

Evan Bayh’s Staff Loves To Sell Out Almost As Much As Their Boss

Evan Bayh has profited greatly from his time in the Senate. Now a new report shows that his staff has also not been shy about cashing in on their time in Bayh’s Senate office. A new analysis by the Washington Free Beacon shows that 21% of Bayh’s former staffers became a lobbyist after leaving his office, “one of the highest rates among Democratic Senators.”

In total a whopping 42 former Bayh Senate staffers went through the revolving door from 2000 to 2010:

“Between 2000 and 2010, 42 staffers from his Washington, D.C. Senate office moved through the revolving door to lobbying—one of the highest numbers of any senator, according to data from Legistorm. Bayh had a total of 198 staffers during those years, meaning that 21 percent of his staffers became lobbyists.”

When Bayh wrote his melodramatic and cloying break-up letter to the Senate in 2010, the Indiana Senator wrote that he was leaving in part because special interests prevented needed reforms from passing:

“Meeting America’s profound challenges and reforming Congress will not be easy. Old habits die hard. Special interests are entrenched. Still, my optimism as I serve out the remainder of my final term in the Senate is undiminished. With the right reforms, members of Congress can once again embody our best selves and our highest aspirations.”

Of course, Bayh then went to work at McGuireWoods, a major DC lobbying shop. Bayh and his staff supposedly worked for reforms in Congress, yet left when they were impeded by special interests. Maybe Bayh is the best compensated, least effective double agent ever? Nah.