April 7, 2016

“Everyday American” Hillary Clinton Struggles With NY Subway

Ah, the perils of an “everyman” photo-op. Secretary Clinton made the poor choice of deciding she wanted to ride New York subway today. Some wondered if that decision came after her primary rival, native Brooklynite Bernie Sanders, implied that the subway still took tokens – a practice not used since 2003:

The stunt didn’t endear Clinton to New Yorkers trying to get to work:

But when the upper crust attempts to lower itself to the “everyman” level, there are inherent risks, which Clinton experienced as she tried to enter the subway this morning. It took Clinton not one, two, three or even four swipes of the Metrocard to gain entry, but five separate attempts.

Spotting a potential PR disaster that could make their boss, worth a reported $55 million, appear out of touch with the common man, Clinton’s rapid response team sprung into action:

Does Hillary Clinton ride the subway every day? No. Does it sometimes take multiple swipes even for regular riders? Maybe. But most importantly, why go through this song and dance in the first place? She’s spent millions of dollars on private jet travel and claimed she hasn’t driven a car in more than 20 years– who is she kidding?

Even the least cynical person could see this one-stop subway ride for the stunt that it is. So when Clinton’s subway trip went sideways, she paid for it.