April 6, 2016

Everyone Is Talking About Hillary Clinton’s Lackluster Performance In Wisconsin

Last night, Hillary Clinton lost the Wisconsin Democratic Primary by 13 points. This marks Clinton’s seventh loss n the last eight Democratic contests. Making Clinton’s recent struggles the talk of the town this morning.

NBC’s Willie Geist pointed towards Wisconsin’s exit polls, which showed Clinton had gotten “creamed” with the youth vote, and “her honest and trustworthy numbers on exit polls. Again, terrible.”

CNN’s Jeff Zelleny reiterated Clinton’s struggle with both the youth vote and the independent vote:

JEFF ZELLENY: Now, Bernie Sanders won across the board, mainly young voters but also independent voters. That is the biggest worrying segment of the electorate. The Clinton campaign has not been able to reach out to.

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell said Clinton’s Wisconsin loss means she is in for, “a bruising fight over her trustworthiness.”

While Bloomberg’s John Heilemann is already looking ahead to the upcoming primary in New York, Clinton’s adopted home state, which is no longer a “guaranteed” win. Heilemann also points out how Sanders ability to draw large crowds will be problematic for Clinton:

HEILEMANN: So he’s going to come to New York City and New York State. We have two weeks, this first contested primary on the Democratic side since 1992. Democratic primaries here are crazy and they’re crazy here because this is the home of the national media. For the next two weeks, Hillary Clinton in a state where she is not guaranteed of winning this state, her home state, there will be an extraordinary amount of focus on this race and about Hillary Clinton’s weaknesses and why it’s taking her so long to put away the 74-year-old socialist. Bernie Sanders is going to throw a rally in Washington Square Park next Wednesday where there could be twenty thousand people. And the optics of seeing Sanders go around her home state and draw crowds that are five, ten times larger than her crowds is gonna be a really difficult, its be a very….

Legendary reporter Tom Brokaw pointed out how the Democratic Party is, “playing to a narrower base” than Republicans in a general, which could make November’s election problematic across the board.

It’s hard to believe that when Clinton launched her campaign almost a year ago, she would find herself in a situation where her home state of New York would be a must win.