July 29, 2016

FACT CHECK: The Lies Clinton Told During Her Convention Speech

Secretary Clinton took to the stage Thursday night in Philadelphia, and played fast and loose with the facts. Below are a series of fact checks that push back on some of Clinton’s biggest lies and exaggerations from her convention acceptance speech:

The Associated Press laid waste to several of Clinton’s assertions. On her claim that she has a plan to fight ISIS:

THE FACTS: Clinton might as well have said she laid out President Barack Obama’s strategy for defeating Islamic State militants. Everything she mentioned, the Obama administration already is trying to do.

On her claim that she would make the biggest investment in new jobs since WWII:

THE FACTS: It would be the biggest since World War II only if you don’t count Obama’s $814 billion 2009 stimulus. Clinton doesn’t have price tags on all her proposals, but the bulk of the investment appears to be her plan to spend $275 billion over five years on roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

On her claim she will reform the criminal justice system, the Wall Street Journal points out some hypocrisy in her claim:

Hillary Clinton said “we will reform our criminal justice system from end to end.” Criminal justice reform might be easier than gun control, although it won’t be easy.

For Mrs. Clinton hanging around politics a long time has been a double-edged sword because the landscape has changed from the 1990s when it was her husband who pushed for the very crime bill that is blamed at least in part for the prison population explosion. During a debate this year Mrs. Clinton in fact apologized for the unintended consequences of the law.

And liberal commentator Lawrence O’Donnell took issue with several of Clinton’s claims, too, including exaggerations that padded her resume at the State Department and her litmus test for Supreme Court justices: