April 28, 2016

FactCheck.Org Destroys Clinton’s Nuke Treaty With Russia

Secretary Clinton can add another notch to her failed career as Secretary of State. After Clinton repeatedly touted her disastrous four years as head of the State Department and repeatedly promoted her work on a nuclear weapons treaty with the now-Putin dominated Russia, FactCheck.Org released a blistering critique of her supposed nuclear reduction effort.

FactCheck.Org’s Eugene Kiely pointed out that Secretary “Clinton overstates the impact” of the 2011 New Start treaty when she claimed credit for “securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons.” In fact, when the treaty was signed in 2010, Russia had fewer deployed nuclear warheads than the limit established by the treaty.

Instead of abiding by Secretary Clinton’s vaunted treaty, Russia actually increased the number of strategic nuclear warheads it had deployed. Since 2011, when the treaty went into effect, Russia has increased its deployed nuclear warheads from 1,537 to 1,734. At the same time, following Secretary Clinton’s ridiculous treaty, the U.S. decreased its deployed nuclear warheads from 1,800 to 1,481.

In reality, the bulk of the nuclear weapons reductions that Secretary Clinton claims as her own occurred during the two Bush administrations. The Federation of American Scientists’ Hans Kristensen adds that “the Obama administration so far has had the least effect on the size of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile of any of the post-Cold War presidencies.”

Instead of causing a reduction in the size of Russia’s nuclear arsenal as Secretary Clinton claimed, Clinton’s START treaty heralded in a yawning gap between the size of Russia’s deployed strategic nuclear warheads and the U.S.’s. Amazingly, Clinton has touted her work on the deal, even though it has left U.S. weaker in the face of Vladimir Putin’s Russia and its growing aggression.