December 16, 2015

Failed Former Sen. Feingold Voted Against Provision To Prevent “Lone Wolf” Terrorist Attacks

While the San Bernardino terrorist attack is still fresh in the minds of many across the country, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that more than three-quarters of Americans expressed fair or no confidence that the government could stop “lone wolf” terrorist attacks.

Unfortunately, one politician that voted against a measure aimed at preventing “lone wolf” terrorists from coming to our shores and perpetrating their acts of hatred is failed former Senator Russ Feingold.

The three-term senator’s feckless foreign policy has received a lot of attention lately, from his vote against creating the Department of Homeland Security to his lone opposition to the PATRIOT Act.

With this poll showing that seventy-seven percent of Americans express only a “fair” or no level of confidence that the government can stop “lone wolf” terrorist attacks, it is important to remind Wisconsinites that Feingold voted three times against extending the “lone wolf” terrorist provision that allows the government to more aggressively target foreign terrorist suspects who operate alone.

Feingold has attempted to amp up his rhetoric in recent days, but his voting record makes it abundantly clear that he has consistently acted against America’s security and tried to weaken our ability to combat terrorism. His constant disregard for keeping our country safe would not serve Wisconsin well in the Senate.