December 11, 2015

Failed Former Senator Doubles Down On Feckless Foreign Policy

Following a devastating new radio ad that uses former Senator Russ Feingold’s own words against him, the Stanford professor doubled down on his dangerously weak stance toward foreign policy, including being the only senator in the country to vote against the PATRIOT Act.

Asked by a local news reporter about that vote that came just weeks after the September 11th attacks, former Senator Feingold said that he was “very proud of that vote and will always stand by it,” even in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in San Bernardino:

The former three-term Senator also stood by President Obama’s failed strategy toward ISIS, and even praised the sentiment expressed during his widely-panned address to the nation last Sunday. It’s no surprise that Sen. Feingold would stand by President Obama’s failed foreign policy since in the past he has said that the President is “doing a great job” and “could end up being one of our great presidents from the point of view of our international policies.”

Feingold also continued to trumpet his disdain for “American Exceptionalism,” saying that it shouldn’t be shoved in people’s faces. This falls right in line with Feingold’s record of calling the idea of “American Exceptionalism,” “insulting,” and “dangerous.”

Even with ISIS continuing to jeopardize our national security, former Senator Feingold is doubling down on all his misguided positions that have weakened Wisconsin and America.