January 7, 2016

Failed Former Senator Feingold Tries To Sidestep His Weak Record On North Korea

Following reports that North Korea may have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, Ron Johnson addressed the danger posed by the regime head on, appearing on camera to condemn North Korea and advocate for a solution. Rather than stepping up and leading on the issue, a local reporter had to reach out to failed former Senator Russ Feingold on Twitter and ask about his reaction to the latest news.

Tweet at Feingold

The former Senator then did what career politicians do best, issuing a broad statement with no specifics as to how he would address the alleged recent test.

It’s not surprising that the former Senator sidestepped on this issue because his past record on dealing with North Korea is so poor. In 2009, Feingold opposed designating North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism, and he voted at least ten times to weaken missile defense, which is especially notable given that the North Korea reportedly tested a submarine-launched ballistic missile last month.

This is nothing new from former Senator Feingold, who has spent the past few months trying to rewrite his alarmingly weak record national security record. As North Korea joins ISIS and Iran in presenting an existing threat to our nation, the failed former Senator’s past stances against keeping America safe are sure to resonate even more strongly with Wisconsin voters.