March 10, 2016

Failed Governor Granholm Continues Reign Of Error As Clinton Surrogate

Jennifer Granholm is almost as bad a campaign surrogate for Hillary Clinton as she was governor of Michigan when the state’s unemployment rate skyrocketed from 6.6% to over 14%.

Yesterday, the Clinton campaign brought Granholm out to try spinning Clinton’s collapse in Michigan, with disastrous results. Today, Granholm was called on to explain Clinton’s debate loss to Bernie Sanders. The results were just as bad.

First, Granholm made the bizarre claim that Clinton was trustworthy. Yet, in Granholm’s state, voters who said their top concern was a candidate who was honest and trustworthy voted for Sanders over Clinton by a margin of 80% to 19%.

Then, Granholm conceded that the upcoming states on the primary calendar look like Michigan – a state that Clinton of course lost. That seems like a point better made by a Sanders surrogate than a Clinton one.