March 9, 2016

Failed Governor Granholm Struggles To Spin Clinton’s Michigan Loss

Failed governor Jennifer Granholm was Clinton’s lead surrogate for the Michigan primary. After Clinton’s stunning loss in the Michigan primary you’d think the Clinton would have realized that relying on a former governor whose state lost over a half million jobs during her tenure would be a bad idea.

Yet this morning on MSNBC, Jennifer Granholm was once again trying to help Clinton’s candidacy. The results were disastrous.

First, Granholm had no credible answer for Clinton’s awful performance among voters who said “honesty and trustworthiness were the most important candidate quality.” The best she could do was blame Republicans.

Then, Granholm was confronted with the Clinton’s continued refusal to release her Wall Street speech transcripts. Granholm laughably called closed-door speeches “public meetings.”

Luckily for Granholm, the only thing worse than her performance this morning on MSNBC, was Clinton’s performance among Michigan voters last night.