August 11, 2015

FALSE: Gov. Rendell’s Claim About Katie McGinty’s Budget Commitment

Last month, former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell said he didn’t think Katie McGinty would challenge Joe Sestak and run for Senate:

Rendell said Tuesday he doesn’t think Katie McGinty will run and that she’s committed to working through a budget standoff with state lawmakers as Wolf’s chief of staff.

But yesterday, McGinty’s campaign announced Rendell is coming aboard as campaign chairman. Suddenly, Rendell’s tune has changed:

“I encouraged Katie to run because she’s a problem-solver who knows how to get things done,” Rendell said in a statement.

To be clear: Pennsylvania’s budget crisis is still not resolved and hasn’t been since last year’s lapsed at midnight on July 1. McGinty, who served as Governor Tom Wolf’s chief of staff, quit her job in the midst of the impasse to run for Senate, proving Rendell’s claim that McGinty is “committed” to fixing the budget and a “problem-solver” utterly false.