October 28, 2016

FBI Announcement Puts House Democrats In Tough Spot

For Democrats running in tight congressional races across the country, the FBI’s announcement that they’ve re-opened their Clinton investigation could not come at a worse time. Many of those Democrats are on record praising Clinton’s honesty and downplaying the FBI’s investigation into her private email server:

  • In Virginia’s 10th, LuAnn Bennett praised Clinton when asked if the Democratic nominee was “ethically fit” to be president.
  • In Maine’s 2nd: Emily Cain answered “Yes,” to a question on whether Hillary Clinton was a “person of good character.”
  • In Colorado’s 6th, Morgan Carroll said that Clinton is trustworthy.
  • In Texas’s 23rd, Pete Gallego has downplayed Clinton’s email scandal.
  • In Nevada’s 3rd, Jacky Rosen dodged questions about Clinton’s honesty multiple times.
  • In Nevada’s 4th, Ruben Kihuen has said that he’s not concerned with the FBI investigation into Clinton’s email server.
  • In Iowa’s 3rd, Jim Mowrer has said that Clinton’s email scandal has been “blown way out of proportion.”
  • In Florida’s 18th, on the same day that Randy Perkins said Clinton was honest, the FBI announced they were re-opening their investigation into Clinton.
  • In Pennsylvania’s 8th, Steve Santarsiero said that Clinton’s email scandal was “not a reason to distrust her.”
  • In New York’s 1st, Anna Throne-Holst dodged questions about Clinton’s honesty multiple times.

Every Democrat running in 2016 needs to be asked about these shocking, new revelations. Given the above statements, a lot of backtracking is about to ensue.